Exchange Frizen (Demo)


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How to make orders

Orders are send to account 274123-46. Just send 0.0001 PASC and use the payload for orders.

There are three possible orders:

WTB 0.00 PASC FOR 0.00 BCH

WTS 0.00 PASC FOR 0.00 BCH


WTB = Want to buy, WTS = Want to sell, and Delete = delete previous order. Write precisely as shown or the order will be ignored.


The front page shows the three best WTB and WTS offers. If you want to trade contact the person, who made the order, by sending 0.0001 pasc and a message to hers or his account.

You can only have one order at a time. A new order automatically deletes any previous order.

We strongly recommend using our escrow service unless you know who you are dealing with.

Be carful you use this excange at your own risk.